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Our Glamorous Launch Day

Kissing Tree was founded in July 2019. It started with a conversation, then a logo drawn in pencil on a scrap piece of paper. In the months that followed, me and my mum researched products, competitors, marketing tools, and more. We had countless conversations, volleyed innumerable ideas back and forth, and generally made good use of our capped mobile plans. It took time, as all good things must, because I was doing my part whilst navigating life as a new mum. Initially, bub was on my lap dozing, but as the months passed and her grabby little hands made computer time impossible, my side of developing the business occurred only when bub was sleeping.

Come February, we had all our stock in place, all of our marketing material printed, and it was just down to launching the website. I say just, but wow, if you've ever created a business website from scratch, you'll know why this was the last and longest step.

Yesterday I hit publish. The website went live. And we were ecstatic.

So of course, celebrations were in order.

Now, some businesses launch with flair. With catering and embossed invitations. Fresh flowers and media attention. They hit the market boldly, in style. But we, dear reader, are in humble beginnings. We're spending our money on expanding our products, and to be quite frank, I was bone-deep tired yesterday. In between five hours of finalising website stuff I'd cared for my baby (wait, no, infant? Wah! Stop growing so fast!), vacuumed and mopped the whole house again because bub's crawling now, done two loads of washing, stripped and remade the bed with fresh sheets, prepped meals for bub, and dashed down the street for a bottle of sparkling wine. At this stage flair was a big ask.

I want to say we celebrated in style. I want to say we celebrated together. But last night it was just me. Come 7pm, bub's down for the night. My husband's working late. My parents are out of town. Nevertheless, I'm determined to mark the moment. So I open the wine. Promptly cut myself on the foil and need to stem the bleeding. Indulged in a very glamorous avocado-on-toast dinner, then had to stand beside the bathtub for an age because I'd run the water too hot. And did I mention there was a baby monitor with me the entire time?

It might not sound perfect to you, and my healing fingertip agrees, but it was pretty good from my perspective. Bub was happy and kissy when I settled her in her cot, and she slept soundly. I got an evening to myself, which doesn't happen often. I love avocado and the wine was a treat. I read a wonderful book in the bath. And did I mention fresh sheets on the bed? Bliss.

Mum and I will celebrate together soon, which will be wonderful, but last night I did it my way, and this morning I'm recharged and energised. Our business has launched. That July dream is now a February reality. And I look forward to the journey ahead.

In future blog posts I'll feature some of our wonderful products and share what we're learning along the way. From these humble beginnings wonderful things are going to happen, and I'm so glad you're part of our journey.

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